17 Closet Organization Hacks To Make The Most Of A Small Closet

I think everyone’s house has a problem area (or in my case several). For me, our closet is definitely one of those areas so I’ve decided to “wage war” and finally get our closet organized! BUT as we have very limited closet space, this is going to require more than just a “purge and tidy”. I’m going to need all the closet organization hacks in the book and then some!

Soooo, I scoured the internet for the best closet organization hacks, tips, and tricks out there and wanted to share the best with you.

1) Double Hanging Space With Soda Can Tabs

I’ve come across this tip, to double hanging space with soda tabs, many times before. But our closet space is so limited, I actually need to try it!

Source: The Shabby Creek Cottage

2) Chain To Increase Vertical Storage

Our closet is in the eaves so only has half-height rails. This means that the soda tab hack above may be sufficient, but if I have space, this idea to use full vertical hanging height is awesome!

Source: BRIT + CO

3) Hang Baseball Hats With Shower Hooks

My husband has a fairly ridiculous collection of baseball hats. Unfortunately, he has nowhere to store them properly. This means they end up hanging in piles on the end of our stairs. I love this idea from Passion Pink & Pearls, though as we’re in a rental, I’m going to see if I can mount the rods on a sheet of MDF or plywood since I can’t drill holes in our walls.

Source: Passion Pink & Pearls

4) DIY Scarf Holder

I live in a country where it often rains more than 200 days per year and is usually cloudy even when it’s not raining. Our very temperate climate also means we don’t really experience extremes in temperature. It’s usually not much colder than 4°C/40°F in winter, or much warmer than 21°C/70°F in summer. 

Moral of this story? I don’t really dress seasonally and instead rely on lots of layers to cope with Ireland’s weather. This means I have a huge scarf collection – currently split between a basket on the shelf of my wardrobe and a pile hanging over our stairs. It’s really messy but until now I couldn’t figure out anything better!

This is why I LOVE this idea to create your own scarf storage from a hanger and shower curtain rings. It does look like a plastic hanger might bend under the weight, so I’m going to try it with a wooden hanger instead!

Source: Irina’s Cute Box

5) Help Your Boots Keep Their Shape With Pool Noodles 

Given the very temperate climate I just mentioned, I wear boots ALL THE TIME. Seriously, even in summer! I do wear trainers from time to time and sandals if it gets very warm (or when I’m on vacation) but my go-to is boots. Sadly, however, I’ve nowhere to really store them so they usually get stuffed out of sight. 

I love this idea to help them keep their shape with pool noodles, but since noodles are not readily available here (in this climate only millionaires have pools), I’m going to try packing/poster tubes or maybe Pringles tubes?

Source: Organize & Decorate Everything

6) Use Shelf Dividers

We have one very long shelf in our wardrobe, which has lots of clothes and storage crates on it. In my quest to find the best closet organization hacks I could, I discovered these awesome shelf dividers and I’m thinking they may be a great solution to make better use of the space!

Source: amazon.com

7) Organize Clutch Bags With A Lid Rack

I have a basket overflowing with miscellaneous accessories from purses to belts. It’s a jumbled mess and I can never find what I need! Excited to try this awesome idea for organizing my small purses!

Source: Fabulous Fashion 4 Sensible Style

8) Paper Towel Holder For Bracelets & Belts

Also addressing that jumbled basket of accessories, I’m excited to try this idea to organize belts and bracelets with towel holders!

Source: Perpetually Chic

9) Use Command Hooks To Hang Purses On Door

I love all the ideas I’ve seen to make use of the space on the back of your closet doors by hanging extra rails or adding storage baskets. Sadly, however, our closet has sliding doors so those aren’t really an option for us, but I do like the idea of hanging purses from command hooks. Thinking I could hang mine on the back of our bedroom door!

Source: How To Nest For Less

10) Label Your Shelves

I’m a bit of a contradiction as I’m naturally messy, but I also love lists, labels, and organized space. I’m thinking that labeling our shelves and maybe our drawers too, would actually be really helpful – if for no other reason than it’ll show hubby where clean laundry should go!

Source: Re.Organize.Co via Instagram

11) Day Of The Week Separators

I really want to start planning my week’s clothes on a Sunday, but we do not have space for me to add a separate free-standing hanging rail. I think I’m going to clear one small section of our closet, so I can just have to grab my outfit from that section. To help me plan my outfits, I love these cute hanger labels to keep it in order!

Source: BRIT + Co

12) Freshen Your Closet & Drawers With Unstopables Scent Bags

I love Unstopables and we always use them when doing laundry, but I didn’t realize they had so many other uses (more on that another time). When trying to figure out how to tackle our wardrobe, I found this awesome idea to make closet and drawer fresheners with Unstopables and Wedding Favor bags. It will also be a great way to finally use up the favor bags we have left from our wedding 4 years ago!

Source: Crafts All Over

13) Hang Your Sunglasses As Art

Despite our generally cloudy weather, between my husband and I, we have quite the sunglasses collection. I’m thinking of getting a free-standing frame to do this and then I’ll prop it on my nightstand.

Source: Cupcakes & Cashmere

14) Magazine Files for Flip Flops & Ballet Pumps

We rarely get the weather for me to wear sandals but I love them and have way too many pairs! I also often wear ballet pumps at work so I love this idea to organize my sandals and flat pumps in magazine files. I think a trip to IKEA is in my future!

Source: The Krazy Koupon Lady

15) Drawer Dividers

I’ve called this closet organization hacks, but really I’m tackling all of my clothing and accessories. As such, my dresser also really needs a purge and reorganization. I wasn’t sure how I was going to corral all my socks and undies, until I came across this idea from Megan at The Homes I Have Made. I’m definitely doing this with my drawers!

DIY Cardboard Drawer Organizers
Source: The Homes I Have Made

16) Use Shoe Organisers For Bulky Items

I have sooooo many hoodies, but nowhere near enough space to hang them. Yes, I’m doing a purge but I actually wear a lot of them so I know I’ll still have quite a lot. Thinking this idea to use a shoe organizer might be the solution!

Source: Ask Anna

17) Hide Jewellery In A Mirror

My last hack is not necessarily for your closet but as I mentioned earlier accessories are one of my biggest problem areas. My nightstand is an absolute mess, as I wear a lot of chunky costume jewelry but don’t have an organized jewelry storage solution! I love this idea of an over-door mirror with hidden jewelry storage. I just have to figure out if it might fit on our bathroom door….

Source: amazon.com

So those are my top closet organization hacks! What about you – any recommendations I haven’t thought of to help me tackle our closet? Please let me know in the comments below!

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