My 7 Step Bedtime Routine For A Peaceful Night’s Sleep

If you’ve read My Top 5 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep you’ll know that I’ve seriously struggled with bouts of insomnia. I have probably tried nearly everything you can think of to get a good night’s sleep. But, in the end, I found it really beneficial is to simply develop a consistent bedtime routine for a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Of all the things I’ve tried this has probably been the most effective in improving my sleep quality. So I wanted to share with you, my bedtime routine for a peaceful night’s sleep.

1) Dim Bright Lights 3 Hours Before Bed

It’s no secret that bright light affects your ability to fall asleep. Darkness stimulates the production of melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep. Bright light, on the other hand, particularly blue light, inhibits our ability to produce melatonin and thus affects our ability to fall asleep. It’s for this reason that I try to stick to the soft light of side lamps or candles when I’m winding down in the evening.

Bedtime routine for a peaceful night's sleep - dim bright lights

2) Take A Warm Bath Or Shower 

A warm shower before bed can also help you fall asleep. It’s worth noting that right after the shower, you’ll heat up and feel more alert and active, but as time passes and you begin the cool-down process, your system will feel more primed for rest. I find it best if I take a shower around 2 hours before bedtime.

3) Drink A Warm Drink 

About an hour before bed, I usually have a cup of soothing herbal tea like chamomile or a cup of hot chocolate made with milk. While I definitely enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, I’ve found it’s actually found best to avoid alcohol for about 3 hours before bed.

Bedtime routine for a peaceful night's sleep - Drink a hot drink

4) Dress Comfortably 

I used to buy “pretty pajamas” with cute patterns and fancy ruffles but these were often not all that comfortable.  Then I realized that no one except my husband sees me in my sleeping attire. Seriously, who was I trying to impress? I sleep best in a big comfy cotton t-shirt, and loose cotton shorts or drawstring pants. So I got rid of everything else and now only wear the most comfortable clothing possible to bed.

5) Beauty Regime 

I don’t wear a lot of make-up, nor do I have an exhaustive beauty regime, but I do take the time every night to; brush my teeth and floss, wash my face, apply a moisturizing night cream, and brush my hair. It’s a key part of my night-time routine or ritual.

6) Write In A Journal Or Do A “Brain Dump” 

This will be different for everyone but I find that taking 10-15 minutes before I go to bed, to do a “brain dump” really helps me. I write down key thoughts from the day and often write a “To Do” list for the next day. This process clears my mind for sleep and means that while I’m trying to fall asleep, I’m not preoccupied with what I need to do, as I’ve already written it down.

Bedtime routine for a peaceful night's sleep - Write in a journal

7) Read 

The last thing I typically do before I go to sleep is to read a few pages of a book. In particular, I often re-read booksI’ve already read which helps me to finally drift off.

Bedtime routine for a peaceful night's sleep

This is my bedtime routine for a peaceful night’s sleep, but I would love to hear what tricks you use to fall asleep or the essential parts of your bedtime routine? Please share with me in the comments below!

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