5 Quick & Easy Weeknight Dinners

On a busy weeknight, the last thing I want to do is spend ages in the kitchen. As you’ll see in my 9 Easy Meal Prep Tips For Beginners, I do try and meal prep my dinners where possible, but I’m also always looking for quick and easy weeknight dinner ideas that are still super tasty.  

These are 5 of my favorite quick and easy weeknight dinners, all of which are ready in less than 30 minutes, to give you some inspiration!

1) Quick Chicken Teriyaki Bowls

I love chicken teriyaki and while I do order it pretty frequently when we’re out, I didn’t actually make it that often. That is until I discovered this easy recipe from Anna at Crunchy Creamy Sweet! This version is really quick to make (chicken will be done in the time it takes to boil some rice) and super delicious. It’s an awesome weeknight dinner!

Source: Crunchy Creamy Sweet

2) Easy Cashew Nut Stir Fry

When I’m craving veggies, a stir-fry tends to be my “go-to” and one of our favorite stir-fry dishes is this easy cashew nut stir fry. It’s packed with flavor and comes together in just a few minutes.

3) Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps 

I love this idea from Lauren at Tastes Better From Scratch as it’s a great way to use up that half pepper lurking in the fridge along, with leftover rice from dinner the night before. I actually made this with Quorn mince rather than ground beef and it turned out great!

Source: Tastes Better From Scratch

4) Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes

I used to work for a company headquartered out of Philadelphia. The first time I visited HQ, one of the things they insisted I try, was a traditional Philly Cheesesteak and Oh boy! I know there’s some controversy over Cheese Whiz vs Provolone, but honestly, I couldn’t bring myself to try Cheese Whiz. I did, however, fall in love with cheesesteaks topped with gooey melty provolone. 

I’ve tried recreating these at home but just can’t seem to get the steak right. But then I discovered this awesome cheesesteak sloppy joe idea from Dinner Then Dessert! It gives the awesome flavors of a Philly Cheesesteak without the challenge of getting the steak right!

Source: Dinner Then Dessert

5) Herbed Pork Medallions 

We’ve long since discovered that sometimes the simplest food is the best. A quick and easy dinner for us is pork chops or medallions, rubbed with herbs and cooked in a griddle pan as described by Liz at Love Grows Wild. I’ll be honest, I rarely even mix up a rub, I just use the Schwartz Pork Seasoning blend (yes it’s a little more expensive but I’m lazy, so love anything that makes life easier – this way there’s no measuring of herbs and seasoning!) 

I usually serve this with easy potato wedges (made by simply quartering baby potatoes and throwing them in the air fryer with a little oil and seasoning) and steamed veggies with a little garlic aioli on the side for my wedges.

Source: Love Grows Wild

These are just a few of my favorite ideas. What about you, do you have a quick and easy weeknight dinner ideas I should try? Let me know in the comments below!

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